Project overiview

Hey, boys and girls of all ages! Do you love fairy tales?

I mean, those tales where mighty wizards and strong warriors clash over shining treasures, where majestic cities raise their white stone towers towards the sky, and great armies invade peaceful kingdoms to find and secure artifacts of immeasurable power. Or those tales where space battleship armadas raze doomed planets to the ground, where cunning and honorable warriors single-handedly defeat forces of evil as they are wielding swords of pure light, where blaster ray guns decimate battalions of fighting droids, and the Force rewards defenders of peace and prosperity with immortality. Or maybe those tales where smart but shy children study magic at specialized academies hidden deep within wild forests on shores of mysterious lakes - and malicious sorcerers seek to kill the last descendant of an once big and influential family?

If so, you’ll be disappointed. There are no such things in the books you can find here. In real life, people are born and raised to adulthood, they work, love, hate, live and die but their daily routine is rarely plagued by bloody battles or evil magi. Be your life peaceful and boring or stressed and chaotic, your everyday challenges are much smaller than those. Getting high marks at an exam or saving enough money to buy a house for your family might be a mundane task, but is it less important to you only because there is no Sith with a light sword who opposes you? We all live our lives in our own manner, and our main battles are not with our enemies but rather with the indifferent cold world around us – and with ourselves.

And that's the case everywhere – on every world in the Universe, be it populated by human beings, fifteen-tentacle octopuses or sentient plants.

The books you can find here are about one's normal life lived under unusual circumstances. Don’t let SF writers deceive you: even if they describe exotic races and creatures, all their characters are still no more and no less than humans wearing various disguises. At least, that's what my characters are: usual humans living their normal lives in different worlds. There are fairies and wizards, and strong enemies, and clashing armies, and even cunning orcs and mighty trolls, but they are of little importance to the stories you are going to read. Characters you will meet possess strange powers, but that is not what defines them as persons. They are common people who try to be themselves - even if their circumstances compel them to become heroes. They know their duties to people around them – and to themselves.

If you happen to like stories like that, you have come to the right place. Epic sagas await you, and I wish you a pleasant journey to the Universe of Demiurges. I enjoyed writing my books, and I hope you’ll equally enjoy reading them.

Evgeniy Lotosh