Evgeniy Lotosh

The Corrector: a tiny foreword

Translated from Russian by Edward Porper


"The Corrector" is not the only cycle covering the Universe of Demiurges. For instance, the "Do What You Must" series describes Tekira's "past" - including such events mentioned in "Strays" as the fall of Krestotsin, the end of the Big Game and disintegration of Maino's (aka Kamill's) Empire etc. I don't plan to get this particular series translated anytime soon - surely not before "The Corrector" as well as "Sonata con Fuoko" (both of† which, I expect, my readers will find much more interesting than the series in question) will have been rendered into English. That said, you should have no problem understanding what's going on in "The Corrector" without reading "Do What You Must" first - simply because the former novel itself has all the necessary information. Just keep in mind that Demiurges are essentially gods in all but name; that Kamill used to be a bad guy (not that bad, in fact) while Dzhao - a relatively good one, and that their confrontation had many exciting and far-reaching consequences. (For instance, the Big Game was interrupted because Kamill had grossly violated the rules - and, as a result, Tekira fell out into the Big Universe and lost both its status of a playground and its special laws of physics that were associated with that status).

Thatís it. Didnít I promise that it would be tiny?


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