The big picture

Here you can find the full up-to-date list of novels describing the Universe of Demiurges. Cycles are listed in the planned order of translation. Visit if you want to read them in Russian. All books can be dowbloaded for free.


Cycle 1. The Corrector (5 novels)

Planet: Tekira

Main characters: Karina Muratsiy and her family


1. Strays (Ничьи котята)

2. Fledglings of Nightingale’s Nest (Птенцы соловьиного гнезда)

3. Equal to Stars (Равные звездам)

4. A River Between Green Hills (Река меж зеленых холмов)

5. The Horizons of Our Dream (Горизонты нашей мечты)



Cycle 2. Sonata Con Fuoco (5 novels)

Planet: Palla

Main characters: Fuoco Dellavita, Kiris Seitoriy


1. Preludio Forte

2. Ripresa Allegro Mosso

3. Fuga Maggiore

4. Coda in Crescendo

5. Finale Spiritoso



Cycle 3. Do What You Must (2 novels)

Planet: Tekira (pre-history of ‘The Corrector’ cycle)

Main characters: Tilos and his compatriots


1. Do What You Must (Делай что должно)

2. Wind of Words of thy Mouth (Уст твоих бурный ветер)



Cycle 4. The Grey Mist (2 novels + to be continued )

Planets: Malia, Dzhamterra

Main character: Oleg Kislitsin


1. The Grey Mist (Серый туман)

2. Undeniable Reality (Несомненная реальность)